My first encounter with Dmitri was during the reception following the White Coat Ceremony in January. Having seen many fledgling medical students at this juncture in their careers, here was one who clearly was not cast in the same mould as the others donning the White Coat for the first time. Confident, perhaps even cheeky at times but polite and respectful Dmitri and I talked about wide ranging topics from eastern European politics through to surfing in the North Sea and Burning Man. Conversations that continued but became more orientated towards work and the process of becoming a doctor as the term went on. Dmitri quickly demonstrated the aptitude, intelligence and diligence to excel as a medical student whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance. There is no doubt to my mind that he would have made a fantastic physician.
My heart felt condolences to all, Dmitri will be sorely missed by the SGU KBT family. Rest well my friend.