I am very saddened by the loss of Dima, he was an early friend of mine and came into my life at a key point in time. In 8th grade we played music together, went to our first rock concerts together, End Fest, the Offspring, etc. I remember vividly as Dmitri was there skiing with me at Alpental when I first started snowboarding. Even at age 14 he was already an expert skier, and he constantly helped me grow as a snowboarder and as an adolescent by pushing me to tackle more and more challenges. Dmitri was kind and energetic, and I am forever grateful for his encouragement and friendship. I am regretful that we fell out of contact after high school, but I am very happy to see that he has shared the same passions for music, adventure, and skiing that I have. Dmitri is greatly missed, but importantly well remembered.