To Dmitri, from the heart 
To me, to live one’s life with kindness, thoughtfulness and adventure is to have lived, and that is Dmitri. I think of him every day and try to add things that he has taught me into my everyday life. Every time we would be in the parking lot at a grocery store, he would look for someone in the parking lot to help them with their bags – he tried to do at least one good thing for someone else each day. If we were in a group setting, he would find the person being the quietest and befriend them – making them feel part of the group. He was such a special person, I don’t know anyone else who has his kind heart matched with his spirit for life and adventurous soul. He was always open to new things, always so much fun and always a friend to everyone. I feel lucky to have met him on a ski chairlift at Heavenly mountain in 2012 (it was a powder day and he was having an awesome time) and I feel lucky to have stayed his friend since. He spoke of his family and friends often. Living life without our favorite people is hard – to honor them every day is one way to cope. When I ask to help strangers, read a good book, laugh on a trampoline (I can hear Dmitri’s laugh in my head), pick up a guitar, ski a steep line, eat pho, drink a Rainier beer, I’ll be thinking of him. Thank you, Dmitri, you have enriched my life and I am forever grateful. He lived his life to help others, especially studying in the medical field, and he was always so humble. We all love you and you’ll never be forgotten!