Alla & Family

Dmitri, you will be always in our memories as a good friend, excellent son of your parents etc. I’m sure you would be a wonderful doctor. You will be missed by everyone who knew you because only good things could tell about you. It is very sad you left us being so young but I hope you will be in peace there where you are now. You are in our hearts.


Dmitri, Dime , Dima, you were one of my best friends. I know in my heart you would be pissed that im posting this on facebook but everyone deserves to see this face. I wont give up hope that you’re hiking somewhere wondering why so many people are making such a big deal. You touched so many hearts. You made me a better person and I will never forget our late night talks about how fascinating DNA is. Mt. Rainier will truly always have your heart and a little bit of mine.
I love you bud. Ti Saldat.
#sofuckingheartbroken #finddmitri


My heart is broken 💔 He was my best friend.. he taught me so much… We shared so much together.. We shared noodle bowls in New York, driving duties on our many road trips, and even my hair brush in the mornings (if you know, you know)..he pushed me to be more, bigger, better. He was fiercely protective of us.. He debated politics passionately with me, then he showed me how to play a guitar (we both gave up on that). He’d drive at 2am, after a hospital shift, just to watch reruns of John Oliver, Bill Maher & Vice News with me. He calmed me down, he traveled the world with me & he loved my son.. his music was the worst I’d ever heard, but now I can stop listening.. he showed me an extreme life.. one in which I ultimately chose to have no part of.. and one that took his life July 3rd. 💔 I always hated those mountains, I hated the risks he took.. he loved them so much. This hurt is hard 💔 Hurry Home Dmitri


I am so saddened by the loss of Dmitri. He was a co-worker at Heavenly, and was always so positive and helpful. We all knew he’d be a great doctor. I hope he was having fun when he left this world to go shred Heaven’s hills.